Our principles

10 zásad které by měl mít na paměti každý zaměstnanec společnosti JTEKT a dovednosti našich perfektně vyškolených zaměstnanců.

  1. Customer’s point of view
    Consider things from the customer’s point of view, provide products and services that would satisfy the customer.
    Essential philosophy

  2. Be ambitious
    Acquire a strong ambition to improve the world and society, which leads to increasing the performance quality.
    Idea of "Monozukuri"

  3. Engage personally (Ownership?)
    Think and act according to your personal responsibility and thus perform your job well
    Idea of "Monozukuri"

  4. Work dutifully
    Listen to others’ opinions with humbleness and learn how to solve tasks with focus and work dutifully.
    Idea of "Monozukuri"

  5. Accept challenges
    Have dreams, set high goals, work for them tirelessly.
    Working method

  6. Think globally
    See things in wider range, consider which approaches are best for everyone and follow those.
    Working method

  7. "Genchi-Genbutsu" ... confirm the situation on site
    Personally visit the workplace to investigate various situations and use 5WHY analysis method.
    Working method

  8. Think innovatively
    Continually and steadily strive to improve and innovate.
    Working method

  9. Respond immediately
    The world is changing fast, therefore it is necessary to search for optimal solution and try it.
    Working method

  10. Work as a team
    Work to achieve team goals by doing my part in tasks and duties, as well as helping others.
    Working method